Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla has been under plenty of scrutiny for the overall quality and fit and finish of its vehicles. More specifically, the paint on the Model 3 is said to be cheap and thin. However, while we've heard several cases of this, we've also heard the opposite.


Maybe the issues are more obvious than they are with other cars since people are actually looking for them and pointing them out. Or, perhaps Tesla's production process is still lacking the consistency of OEMs'? It's hard to know the real answer here, but looking closely at a used Model 3 can't hurt.


How is this Model 3's paint holding up after about two years of ownership and 31,000 miles? Tesla Canuck takes us through the Model 3 in detail, exposing any issues he's found. He says it's up to us to be the judge. Is this normal wear and tear for the age of the car and the miles on it? Are any of the issues surprising or excessive?


Of course, everyone's opinion is going to be different here. People live in different areas and climates, some people take good care of their cars while others don't. What's normal wear and tear to some may be excessive to others. So, we'll leave it up to our readers in the comment section.


Check out the video and then provide us with your comments about this two-year-old Tesla Model 3's paint and interior condition. Also, let us know how your EV is holding up.